Section 11 – Careers Resources for Young People with SEND

1. SEND Resources in Swindon and Wiltshire

Work Wiltshire – Work Wiltshire is a one-stop shop website containing a huge range of education, employment and skills information. There is a useful section on ‘Support for those with barriers to work’ which includes information on: Local programmes and services who can offer support; Supported internships; Disability equipment and transport; Disability worker rights; and Financial support.

Swindon SEND Local Offer – Pathways into employment. Resources, advice and information to help you, or the young person you are supporting, to identify where you/they are in their journey through education and training and into employment.

Swindon SEND Local Offer – Employment. Organisations in the borough that might be able to help you find employment that suits you and your circumstances.

Swindon Local Offer – Skills training, employment and volunteering. Links to providers of education; training and personal development; access to work; and volunteering opportunities.

Wiltshire Local Offer – Education, employment and training.

2. My Skills My Future

Programme of resources to support young people with SEND linked to skills development and next steps. Please use the link below to access the resource.

My Skills My Future | CEC Resource Directory

3. A-Z Job Activity

This activity should enable SEND students to begin to learn how to research information regarding different job roles of interest to them. Please use the link below to access the resource.

A- Z of jobs activity SEND | CEC Resource Directory

4. Ambitious About Autism Toolkits

A collection of toolkits to help more autistic young people access sustainable and meaningful employment opportunities. Please use the link below to access the resource.

Ambitious about Autism Toolkits

5. Finding you futures

Developed by The National SEND Employment Forum these videos are aimed at introducing learners with SEND to an array of jobs and sectors. Please use the link below to access the resource.

National SEND Employment Forum – YouTube video list

6. Employability skills for young people with SEND

Please watch the video below for a walkthrough of key employability skills.

Employability Skills for Young People with SEN video

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