Section 8 – Local Support Services

There are lots of local support services young people can access to support them with their next steps including information, advice and guidance and support to find a job.

Education, Employment or Training (EET) Support Service (Wiltshire Council)

The EET Support Service provides support for young people aged 16-17 not in employment, education or training who need extra help to re-engage with learning or find employment and training. One to one support from an Education, Employment Adviser will help you: understand what options are available to you; find out about local training options; and find and apply for jobs or apprenticeships.

Swindon SEND Local Offer – Pathways into employment.

Resources, advice and information to help you, or the young person you are supporting, to identify where you/they are in their journey through education and training and into employment.

Supported Employment Service (Swindon Borough Council)

The Supported Employment Service supports people across Swindon who are facing significant challenges in being able to develop their skills, access education or move towards the world of work. Eligible clients are allocated a keyworker who can support them reach their goals.

Wiltshire Employment Support Team (WEST)

The Wiltshire Employment Support Team (WEST) assists young people into finding and sustaining varying levels of paid employment with local employers. To do this we look at the different types of paid employment that will suit the young person; this is based upon their skills, interests and experience. We then aim to match individual skills to available jobs including apprenticeships.

Work Wiltshire

Work Wiltshire is a one-stop shop website containing a huge range of information on education, employment and skills.

Swindon SEND Local Offer – Employment

Organisations in the borough that might be able to help you find employment that suits you and your circumstances.

Swindon Local Offer – Skills training, employment and volunteering

Links to providers of education; training and personal development; access to work; and volunteering opportunities

Wiltshire Local Offer – Education, employment and training.

Includes information on schools and colleges for young people aged 16 and above; supported internships; apprenticeships; traineeships; Community Connecting; and travel.

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